Tips on Making a Creative Scrapbook

A scrapbook says a lot about you. So it goes without saying that it must be stunning. The good thing is that you don’t have to be an expert to make one. You only need a little designer know-how to make a scrapbook that’s different from an ordinary book. Here is a look at the tips on making a creative scrapbook.


Consider the margins

This is one tip that will lighten up an otherwise boring scrapbook. They always look insignificant but they hold a great deal of design power. You need a polished layout. Margins that have the same width throughout the page or around an area of your page can help you do that.


Use color


The scrapbook will only look like one if it has true colors. They should shine throughout the book. However, choosing the right shades can sometimes be a challenge. So you need a guide.


Typo starts off, look at the photos you want to keep in your scrapbook. Do you see any dormant color combination in them? If so, they should help you choose your hues. Either that or you can simply consider your theme when choosing your palette. You also need to consider how the colors work together. They need some form of unity.


Have some unity


Does your scrapbook show some harmony? It should. The elements on the page should work together. Anything that sticks out of the scrapbook will not support the unified design. So if you have a masculine design but there is a pink rhinestone on it, you need to remove it.


To be on the safe side, it is advisable to select elements that work well together. Group them in a way that supports your story.


Balance the field


Balancing your life shows how organized you are. The same thing applies to making a scrapbook. You need to achieve a balanced design. It can be both symmetrically and asymmetrically. Having asymmetrical design means having things evenly. To have an even layout, imagine a vertical line down the center. Make sure the placement and the size of your elements are equal on both sides.


You can take another layout and make a line. But with this one, the elements don’t line-up. But it doesn’t mean that your scrapbook will be unbalanced. The design can be unequal but still look balanced with an asymmetrical approach.


Repetition is key


Easy-to-follow scrapbook pages can be achieved through repetition. Repetition helps form a pattern with your design. So it will bring about a feeling of cohesion. Some of the things you should repeat include colors, sizes or products. You will end up with a rhythm on your layout which is a good thing. So your eye will flow across in the most natural manner.


With these tips, making a creative scrapbook should be a walk in the park. You may find it hard to implement some of these tips, but keep them in mind as they will help you make something unique. However, don’t stress yourself too much. A scrapbook is supposed to be therapeutic not a reason to cause the different types of headaches.


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